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Minnesota-based artist Tony Larson has created art so spectacular it makes the ship in a bottle days of yore seem childish and uninspired. Larson’s latest hobby is building terrariums inside glass receptacles, such as jars and fishbowls, that depict architectural wonders and beloved sci-fi characters.

Black Friday Wireless Headphones Us, Larson has always had a passion for art—as a child who had to endure the long winters of Minneapolis, he found himself with plenty of time on his hands, so he started experimenting with photography. As the years went by, Larson developed other creative outlets, including sculpture, collage, and digital art. His various artistic interests inspired him to create these unique structures, bubbles containing special worlds.

The terrariums are beautiful and green, lush with budding vegetation. Each piece has its own landscape, depicting scenes such as Yoda’s hut, Easter Island, Stonehenge, and Buddha.

Black Friday Wireless Headphones Us Larson’s terrariums can be purchased on Etsy .

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