Black Friday Powerbeats

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Danish design firm Monstrum is what the kids are talking about these days. Known for their quirky fantastical design flair, Monstrum continues its foray into the field of child's play with its latest contribution: playground equipment at Moscow¡¦s Gorky Park.

Black Friday Powerbeats, The installations include a (somewhat terrifying) robot, a wiggly house, gargantuan spinning mushrooms, stately owls, an enormous parrot, and a grounded blimp. Each structure is equipped for multiple forms of activity¡Xrock climbing pegs, rope ladders, slides, staircases, and swings. The pieces are so large that children can climb inside them, effectively transferring themselves into dream worlds with every step.

Monstrum¡¦s founders Ole B. Nielsen and Christian Jensen have both worked in set design at various theaters around Copenhagen. This work continues to influence their quickly developing signature design aesthetic.

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