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Beats Studio Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Titanium Nepenthes released the Needles S/S 14 lookbook and it's pretty much the reification of my dream lifestyle. If you ever wanted to know what would happen if I won the lotto, this is how it would go down: I would disappear with no explanation for, like, seven months before magically appear via portraiture on, like, some cool kid's Tumblr, draped head-to-toe in various Nepenthes brands in a heavily forested location with a really sweet looking log cabin in the background. You know you're really killing it bank account wise when you voluntarily choose to live like Oregon Trail motherfuckers. Im super into bucolic living, but I want to be wearing long shirts and bucket hats, and baggy cropped trousers, and relaxed suiting, and geta sandals while I traipse through the woods. Do I have a skill set that would help me survive in such a rural setting? PUH-LEASE. Im basically a Dutch Master with VSCO CAM. I PAINT PICTURES WITH MY IPHONE. I just hope the woods have decent WiFi. I got Sprint and we all know their network blows.

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