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It is time once again to rewind the turn the clocks back slightly to a warmer, happier time. We've been sharing videos from our Art Basel series in which Complex TV interviewed artists while they created great pieces for the 2013 festival down in Miami. You can check out the previous installments with  Haas & Ha hn , Federico Uribe , Sintex and  Niels Shoe Meulman by clicking their names after you see this interview with LA-based, Netherlands-bred artist Joram Roukes .

Black Friday Headphones Canada, Joram Roukes chats about his drawing style and his choice to paint his piece by hand instead of taking the quick route and wheatpasting his art onto the wall. He also talked a bit about participating in the SCOPE Art Fair  and the things he wanted to do and see while in Miami.

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Black Friday Headphones Canada