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VFiles ・ intern Roger is here to let you know that you really don・t know a thing about style other than just buying :nice; things. He・s done his homework and is aware that knowing your history goes a long way. :It・s time consuming, but it・s good. It・s better than doing nothing,; he says. He・s only fifteen years old, but he knows his shit.

Black Friday Dre Beats Wireless France, Rocking a plaid shirt and a Supreme cap, he mentions a few brands, such as Pyrex Vision and Hood By Air, and name-drops the designers of each. Clearly, this kid knows more about fashion than the  people attending New York Fashion Week . If you thought interning at your favorite fashion company only involves being the office bitch that does coffee runs, think again. But you do have to have at least some grasp on what・s going on in the industry to succeed.

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Black Friday Dre Beats Wireless France