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Beats Studio Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Blue I・m not really the resident sneaker guy here at Four Pins (because I'm the thoroughly uninformed opinions backed up by yelling and swear words guy), but I like these New Balances . The blue and maroon suede is dope and they have a Vibram sole unit, which is the entire reason they're getting shouted out here. Most of you guys don't understand the siren call of a Vibram sole and that's kinda messed up. Imagine #menswear as if it were the Renaissance. I came up in the part where people were just rediscovering Greek philosophy and art. I'm all, :Guys, how amazing is Sophocles and don・t even get me started on Aristophanes.; And you guys are all, :Ugh, seriously? He・s still on comedies? We・re all about the ambiguity and irony embodied by Hieronymus Bosch's work.; But whatever, these sneakers are decent and you fucking know it.

Black Friday Dr Dre Netherlands,