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When Drake unleashed a song in the midst of his Trophies build-up, it did not feature any of the usual big-name suspects that dominate popular radio and music blogs. Many people, h8rz included, were surprised to find Soulja Boy, of all rappers, getting opening and closing duty on We Made It .

Black Friday Dr Dre Denmark, He's irrelevant! they shouted. Oh, Soulja Boy's on it? Pass! one tweeted. What is this? 2009? another h8r proudly posted.

See, he never went awayˇXyou just stopped paying attention. What them h8rz weren't aware of is that they were being stunted on by a man who has a long and storied history of stunting on them h8rz. Do you think some Internet stranger's joke tweet or an ex-lover's jealousy is going to affect a man named Soulja Boy who made a song about stopping Joseph Kony, effectively condemning boy soldiers? The answer is, decidedly, NO.

Black Friday Dr Dre Denmark Including Soulja on We Made It turned out to be one of the savviest tricks Drake has ever pulled. The song is a testament to overcoming and unabashedly flaunting your success much to the chagrin of nonbelievers. Rub that shit in the naysayers faces like apricot scrubˇXit's good for them. Soulja Boy is the main reason this song is so delightful. The chorus and beat are anthemic, sure, but, the highlight is Soulja interrupting Drake's verse to inform us, Damn, Soulja Boy stunt on them haters.

He sounds taken aback by his own actions, as if he can't believe the ferocity and malice with which is he able to stunt on them h8rz. But, much like Whitney Houston, Soulja Boy simply doesn't know his own strength, for he has stunted on them h8rz for so long that at this point it basically happens subconsciously. Stunting pulses through Soulja's bodyˇXit lives deep within his sinew.

We aren't here to argue Soulja's talent (limitless and diverse) or his place in the current landscape of rap (he is a legend). We're not saying Soulja Boy is a better rapper than Pimp C because he has crashed two Bentleys, while Pimp C has only crashed one, however compelling that evidence may be. We are here to document DeAndre Way's steadfast commitment to stunting on them h8rz through his actions and laboriously put together outfits. Perhaps, we could all learn a thing or two from the master.

Beats Studio Damn, Justin Roberson just stunted on them haters. You can follow him on Twitter here .

Black Friday Dr Dre Denmark