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Global Track is our bi-weekly street  art  column by  Rhiannon Platt .

Black Friday Beats Wireless Headphones Switzerland, Andrew H. Shirley sits back and watches the world burn. The post-apocalyptic picture he paints is grainy and filled with the echoes of babies screaming. The film starts with one of the trio shouting, “fuck it.” These words are Shirley’s central thesis as the writers follow a winding path of destruction in search of what everyone (presumably) wants —apocalypse or not—beer and weed. Demonic monsters spray-painted on the walls mimic the loosely defined chaotic events of Wasteland , which happens to include the search for a dead baby.

The snow pitted against the sooty grime conjures imagery akin to that of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road . Much like McCarthy’s tome, viewers are placed media res, not knowing what events preceded the desolate vision that lays before them. Situations such as these are a reoccurring theme in the director’s vision. The dystopian feel of Shirley’s black and white film represents his internal hopelessness of the world’s current unenlightened nature. 

Black Friday Beats Wireless Headphones Switzerland Through correspondence the filmmaker expressed the following concerns: " I'm saddened really that our race is in a very unenlightened period of existence—depending still on archaic structures of thought and existence—war, religion, and the meat industry being prime examples of such. Scientific advancements, such as fission, will help us develop systems of total health care, an end to hunger, and zero tolerance for suffering. However, I fear that our tendency for greed and violence will perpetuate the current state of being and large corporate war ruling parties like America will seek fiscal opportunities over enlightenment.”

His camera cantilevers as the filmmaker follows vandals Mikey, Wolftits, and crew through desolate train yards. High angle points of view give the feeling of observance, even though the dogs and other enemies never come to fruition. These angles bring to life the feelings of desolation as the background plays an integral role in setting the scene. Against foul weather, the group explores a seemingly endless urban oasis.

Abandoned train yards and buildings, complete with ominous boiler room, speak to the potential outcome of our greed and violence-based society. Supporting the camera aesthetics are the sounds, some ambient and others fabricated in a studio. The combination of eerie elements, whether created by man or the surrounding atmosphere, makes this original work one that will haunt your nightmares.

The themes in Wasteland are ones that trace through Andrew Shirley’s larger body of work. Forced Freedom follows a similar path, defining the realities of a transient life from a documentary perspective. In full color, the artist explores the scenery along a spat of train-hopping. As with his other films, the desolation of a train’s cold machinery pairs with the seemingly endless landscape.

Black Friday Beats Wireless Headphones Switzerland The result gives viewers a sense of self-exploration that happens when one is alone for miles. Rather than coming from the voice of an outsider, what makes these films special is the daunting insider’s point of view. Whether the adventure is set in a fictionalized future or documenting the present, each piece that Shirley films contain fragments of his life. While countless others have explored what fending for one’s self means in a wasted land, Shirley combines his life’s experiences to make something wholly honest.


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Black Friday Beats Wireless Headphones Switzerland