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English photographer  Stuart Roy Clarke  began his ¡§ Homes of Football ¡¨ project in 1989. It is one of the largest collections of soccer (or, for Brits like Clarke, football) photography in the world, including images of raging fans, talented players, and impressive stadiums from numerous countries. His photographs are known for featuring not the most glamorized aspects of the game, but the human. The Homes of Football description on Twitter says , ¡§PHOTOGRAPHER¡K set out to SHOW the essence of the game.¡¨

Black Friday Beats Solo 2 France, Clarke¡¦s collection has received international acclaim; the photographs have toured in a non-stop exhibition from 1991¡V2005, have been housed in their own museum, have been printed in books, and have been used in ads and campaigns. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of Clarke¡¦s photography is that he doesn¡¦t edit them¡Xno cropping, no retouching, no Photoshop. The project is ongoing, with new pictures being added to Twitter every day. Here are The Coolest Homes of Football Photographs on Twitter . Check out the official Twitter here .

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Black Friday Beats Solo 2 France