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Budding Italian architecture firm ArchiWorkshop has designed a series of tents that take the ˇ§roughing itˇ¨ out of camping. Entitled ˇ§Glamping for Glampers,ˇ¨ the tents are located in a secluded campsite in Yang-Pyeong, South Korea, and cater to the latest glamorous camping trend. They provide people with a way to camp that doesnˇ¦t require forgoing all civilized amenities: toilets, kitchen facilities, sofas, and the like. The tents are shaped like worms and donuts, and are crafted from a special fabric membrane that was engineered to filter UV rays and be fire and water resistant. The membrane is layered and stretched around steel frames to create a half-cylindrical living space. The openings of the tents have glazed entrances that allow natural light to filter in. The architects also designed custom furniture for the tents ˇV tables and sofas ˇV and commissioned a Korean artist to hand paint the walls that partition the separate rooms.

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Black Friday Beats Earbuds Us