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Whether you were alive then or not, most movie watchers would agree that film-making isn't what it used to be. The Golden Globes were last night and the Oscars are on the horizon, and while there were some legitimately great movies last year, no one will be talking about most of them after a year or two. Box office successes are what drive the industry, but people love films with replay value. Hollywood has seen a number of extra special years that, by some unknown magic, just worked. For the Alamo Drafthouse the best time was the summer of 1982 , but for Bottleneck Gallery the lucky year was 1984.

Beats Pill, For an upcoming exhibition, the gallery will display works from various artists that take inspiration from the films of 1984. The exhibition is scheduled to open on February 7, and while the artists/films have yet to be announced, there are a lot of great ones to choose from. Gremlins , Ghostbusters , Footloose , The Karate Kid , Star Trek III: The Search for Spo ck , Amadeus , The Muppets Take Manhattan (just kidding, but not really),  Purple Rain , Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doo m , A Nightmare on Elm Street , Dune, The Terminator, Breakin' , Revenge of the Nerds , and tons of other films delighted audiences that year. We'll be updating this post with more preview images as the exhibition gets closer, so stay tuned and check out Bottleneck Gallery's site in the meantime.

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