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Gamers hardly mention the art lining the digital walls of their virtual adventures. But Manifesto-ish 's artist in residence Jon Gourley   is calling out attention to this much ignored trove of artwork. His latest project, entitled ¡§Video Game Art Museum¡¨ (VGAM), seeks to transform those overlooked objects into the stars of the show. Gourley worked his way through all types of games, including Bonanza Bros, Final Fantasy 8, and the various Mario escapades and came up with a series of images to turn into standalone pieces.

2016 Black Friday Dr Dre Beats, ¡§In their original context, these ¡¥works¡¦ function as proxies, or simulations, of art, Manifesto-ish explains on their website . By recontextualizing these simulations into a virtual gallery, VGAM will playfully refocus attention onto the works themselves, explore the intersection of art and simulation, and satirize recent institutional forays into the subject of art and video games.¡¨

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