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Yesterday around 12:30 p.m., a crew of five thieves stepped into the Cartier Fifth Avenue flagship store in Manhattan. After pushing past an unarmed guard, two of them smashed a display case with hammers and snatched every single watch but one. The total cost of what they made off with during this daylight robbery was $700,000. 

2016 Black Friday Deals Dr Beats, The dozen workers and half-dozen customers in the store didn't even realize what was going on. ˇ§It happened so fast that people really didnˇ¦t know what was going on,ˇ¨ a police source said . ˇ§They heard the smashing of the display case, but they thought it was an accident outside. And the perps ran out before the customers realized anything.ˇ¨

Other sources said that the crew had attempted to enter the nearby Wempe watch and jewelry store, but a guard threw them out. The police believe this incident might be related to at least six other smash-and-grab robberies that have gone down recently.

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