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The unstoppable Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel continues his revitalization of the city with plans for a citywide light show called Light-up Chicago . The program is intended to boost tourism rates, creating a windfall of funding that will go toward inner city improvements. With the goal of increasing the city・s tourism by 10% over the next six years, the pressure is on to put on an un-missable event. To make the show as spectacular and impressive as possible, Emanuel has decided to host a design competition. Groups of artists, engineers, and architects from all over the world are invited to the city to implement their unique design plans for lighting up the Chicago skyline.

2016 Black Friday Beats Studio, :It・s about creating a spectacle that winds up allowing us to be sensitive to the assets that we have, but making a pivot that takes the old guard to the vanguard. It・s not just washing a building with light. It・s about creating theatre. It・s about engaging. It・s not just color. It・s three-dimensional. It・s really creating events in light,; says project supervisor and president of Broadway In Chicago Lou Raizin .

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